About me

SHORT INTRODUCTION: hello there, my friends usually call me "CLING" from the doorbell "CLING-DONG!!" but since i want to CHANGE for the BETTER, they call me now "POY/PIPOY". I'm from the CUNANAN descendants, got some spanish blood from the father side.., 19 years old, turning 20 on 2nd day of DECEMBER( NO GIFT, NO ENTRY!. i also accept CASH/CHECKs. ^^, ), im from City of the Angels, ANGELES CITY. i am a proud PINOY and a future REGISTERED NURSE. I really really love DANCING and POETRY as well. I'm here to EXPRESS every feelings i have, to share them. WRITING is my OUTLET for every feelings i had, may it be a good or bad. nais ko lng nmn ng FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION and SPEECH as well,.ndi ako ung tipong makikipagaway.. one more thing, "I RESPECT EVERYONE esp. WOMEN".

and I LOVE MY UNBREAKABLE FAMILY : Rachel, Allison, Rose, Janessa, Grace, Cathy, Maine P., Ethan, HanJoH, Aristotle, Arleo, Aivan..
..with the special participation of Moon Hee, Andrei Lim, Renz, Darrius. ♥ u all guys! KEEP THE FIRE BURNING.

to all my FOLLOWERS, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. and to all who are not yet followers, FOLLOW NA! hindi naman ako mabangis eh. though bampira ako, vegetarian nmn ako eh.. haha, nice one :)

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